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At Kids Cove Early Learning Centre we believe that our Educators are our greatest asset, and as a result, pride ourselves on the quality of the team we choose for our centre. Our dedicated Educators are carefully chosen and have the appropriate experience and qualifications to ensure quality care for your child.


We have Educators of all ages and each brings their own unique experience, personality and a little bit of magic. Most importantly the motivation and individual strengths of every member is equally as important as their qualifications.

All our Educators are friendly, welcoming, helpful and supportive and have the compassion and patience needed to give your child the level of care they deserve.

Complementing our wonderful Educators is a nutritionally-trained chef to prepare fresh hot and cold meals throughout the day. Our menus are rotated in a four week system with a different meal organised in the 20/25 day. We have summer and winter menus, rotated each for six months. These menus are evaluated frequently by our chef, staff and parents to ensure that all meals provided are appropriate and enjoyed by all the children.

Teaching children to eat wisely and moderately is an investment in the future, and establishing healthy eating habits in the early years is not only important, but can also be fun.


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