Terrey Hills Childcare - Cook Off Program | Kids Cove Early Learning Centre


Cooking is an engaging experience and an exciting opportunity for children to develop and nurture new life-long skills. Our Cook Off program focuses on teaching children about the importance of fresh and healthy foods by learning how to cook. We have a Qualified Chef on-site, and involve our children in preparation and ways to handle food in a fun way! It encourages the children to be more adventurous when it comes to trying new things.
Our Cook Off program encourages children to build on social, physical and cognitive development. Activities within the program help children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities. The act of following a recipe can encourage self-direction and independence, while also teaching children to follow directions and use thinking skills to problem-solve. Chopping, squeezing, spreading, and mixing are all cooking skills that help develop a child’s small muscle control and eye-hand coordination.
We believe that Cooking inspires children’s curiosity, thinking, and problem-solving, offering new opportunities to make predictions and observations. Additionally, cooking offers authentic opportunities for children to understand and apply their knowledge of measuring, numbers, and counting.

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